Definition of a Loner

Are you a Loner or not? 

This would seem to be an easy question to ask and answer...seemingly.  But I don't think anyone is really a true Loner.  Unless you prove me wrong, I'll assume you have coworkers and family that you gladly associate with.  Why do you consider youself a Loner.  I certainly do.  But I still reply upon some relatioships for support. 

iamforreal iamforreal
41-45, M
2 Responses May 14, 2007

this gul right here is a loner. I have no friends anymore because i started being successful. it sucks, but i guess its worth it. if they cant accept that yeah im gunna change and not hang with them all the time then who needs em?

We are all one and you cant have too many members of this group either.