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Looking for other self-publishing writers who want to do intensive critique/editing/proofing trades. Genres: fantasy, SF, horror, paranormal romance. (My works are vampire fiction, 18+ but not erotica). I'm in search of another author who's at approximately the same stage I am - the book is written, and you're working on revisions and editing. Must be willing to critique honestly without being afraid to be blunt (and to accept the same in return). I'm willing to put time and effort into going over your work, if you'll do the same for mine. You should have a reasonable grasp of grammar, punctuation rules, etc, in order to spot mistakes. I can't afford to hire a pro editor. If you're in the same boat, please reply or PM me. :)
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I'm not a writer but I could help with the critique/proofing. I have a good grasp of grammar, etc.

My only concern with this is that I've had a number of test readers volunteer, and half of them are never heard from again, lol. It is a full-length novel, which represents a LOT of work, frankly. That's why I'm looking for a trade. I don't mind volunteers, I just have the feeling most people aren't up to volunteering quite THAT much of their time.

How many pages is it?

Page count varies depending on formatting. It is 124,252 words. So, it's probably between 250 to 300 pages.

That's not too long

If you're willing to do it, I'm definitely grateful for the help. Just need your e-mail address, preferred format, and how much of it you want to tackle at once. The first two chapters are virtually done, the rest is still pretty rough. i could take a couple chapters

I'll send chapter 3 with a synopsis of chapters 1 and 2 for now. Chapter 3 has a problematic info dump I need to figure out how to break up, too. The usual warnings: 18+ only, extreme language, adult situations.


so far, I have simply read it and i haven't seen any blatantly obvious grammatical errors, I liked how you referred to the real'shea ( I might have misspelled it) as both that and Ryan, which makes the character more mystical and in depth. If Tate appears in more chapters, i suggest you build a bit on his character, and as well as on the others ( if you haven't done so in chapter 1 or 2). You're writing style reminds me a bit of Dan Simmons. His writing style had very good descriptions of the setting, characters, etc.
Overall, I saw very few mistakes, but some parts of the chapter seemed useless. For example, when Jay is cleaning out his old apartment it doesn't seem to have any connections to the plot, it might be a good idea to add some seemingly pointless coincidence or detail that becomes important later on, but that's just an idea.

Thanks, that's a very useful comment. I hadn't considered how the apartment scene might relate to the plot itself, I think it was mainly there because it happened, and I used it to further develop his character. The comment about calling his mother actually does come home to roost, though. I'm not sure whether that's enough to justify it, but I'll definitely be taking a hard look at it now. Do you want further chapters? It will get 'rougher' as it progresses, because there hasn't been a lot of revision done past chapter 4, lol.

sure, why not

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