Loosing Control

Well you know how it feels, after a long long break you start again. You take the blade and slowly cut your skin. At first it doesn't bleed much so you keep on cutting and cutting and so on. Well it's a ******* day like that cause I remembered all the ****** stuff I went through. The guy who called me ***** and nearly made me kill myself has apologised. He never knew my story, never did. I told him, he felt guilty. So karma ***** thats how it goes. You'll suffer for all the *** **** you've done to me and you'll pay it hard.

ps: the last parts where i say you'll pay is for my ex, and the one who apologised is his old bestfriend. Now that he saw my ex's real face he came to me but tooooooo late my friend. You've destroyed me once and I wont let you do that, again.

Hates and cuts....
Envym Envym
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012