Addicted A To Self Harm

I think I am addicted to cutting myself. If it is not my wrists , it is my legs,hips,and stomach?? I do it when I'm sad, angry,frustrated,confused! I'm scared this sudden rush of adrenaline will spread to all my emotions , I'm scared! I do it with a shaving razor with 4 blades on it, and ieverytime I go deeper and deeper! I'm scaring myself at this point, I've tried going to counciling and it just doesn't work, my boyfriend is terrified and so is my family, I don't want want to hurt them or myself, physically or mentally! Please don't just scroll down! Help me . Please
Alandcar1 Alandcar1
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

it sounds pretty rough..... bordering on nasty.

From my little bit of 1st hand knowledge (I am a cutter) - cutting it about coping with pain. SOmething in your head is very upset about something. Only you know what that is.... And I am not gonna make you display it for the world to look at.

concilling can help. BUT - you will have to find out what has you so upset. And it WILL be very upsetting to expose that hidden pain. (been there done that). It takes time.

I will not tell you "you must stop". I will not tell you "you must do ______" whatever..... All I *ask* for is that you be safe.

Dont hurt you. You dont deserve that. Something or someone else hurt you. Dont take it out on you.

Best wishes.