so yeah i'm stupid and suicidal don't worry you are not to blame. Your drinking and beating did nothing to me. just hurt me and showed me that love is not real. or that it is perfectly fine to make your own child make an attempt at his own life. when a blade becomes your true friend who is left to blame, not you mom or dad blame it on my self hate. for not being a good son that you wished me to be athletic, intelligent, the best at everything. Instead you got a self-harmer, a stupid child, to make it all worse a boy that wanted your love. but you could look past the fact that ADHD was my unforgivable flaw. But don't worry you made a good liar when teachers ask about the broken arms, black eyes, and doctors ask about the ****** up mind.
blackSky1 blackSky1
18-21, M
Aug 15, 2014