I am going into my senior year (Grade 12) this September 4th and wow! I'm ever so excited yet at the same time nervous! This is the deciding year. Mom says it's the most important year of my life (as of now) as it very much decides which way my life takes. I either get high grades and get into my favourite and most prestigious university or I go down the drain. My parents have very high expectations, because I am their hope. My success means a lot; not only to me but also to my parents. My parents work day & night to provide me with everything I need. Now it's my time to repay them. I have my past to learn from, others journeys to take inspiration from, and the world itself, which I set to conquer! And you know what, I'm not scared or intimidated by this great task at all because I have everything I need in order to succeed and meet my goals. I've got fantastic teachers, a group of very trust-worthy and motivating friends, 2 amazing personalities as my parents and 1 lovely sister! And then again, I have all those historic people who's quotes I have to move forward with! I'm also very privileged & blessed to be living in a land of opportunity with access to first class education. Nothing is impossible. All it takes is commitment & effort & goals & desire to achieve! No girlfriend yet, but I'm sure she's dreaming of me somewhere right now haha and wishing me luck so I have her blessings as well! Throughout my travels, I've also met many loving people whom I've made promises to, which I'll surely live up to! So all in all, I've given my word to many, including myself so Grade 12 here I come! And after that, same goes for University and Life itself!! Cheers to the future!
"The best way to predict to future is to create it." Peter F. Drucker
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Have fun!

I hope you do really great for all your efforts and that you'll achieve high scores during senior year ( which by the way I hope to be the most awesome year of my high school life!!so excited!! Can't wait!! Next week is school:D). And Sam, if for some reason you weren't able to get the school you originally wanted then the college that you do get into just do your best like usual ! :D So good luck and wishes to your future and everyone else becoming a senior!!!!

P.S. -Awesome quote! 😇✌️

Why thank-you & it's my favourite since last year! 😉

Np. :D

Your positivity is literally so inspiring! I'm sure your Grade 12 year will be incredible, and you will do wonderful!

Thank-you very much Jannah! :)