Overly Sensitive..

I take far to much to heart. I know i do i just can't help it!. I really over think things. Somebody could say something really small and as a joke and I will be fine about it at the time then just totally over think it and not stop thinking about it then get  upset about it!  I really wish I didn't naturally take every little thing to heart...

It can be good though, I guess, small things can please me, small gestures, small amounts of caring mean a lot to me. Though I become far to scared of loosing people I get far to attached...  So i shut myself out, if i let people in everything they do is like so painful! yet without it's worse...

Though there is being sensitive in different ways, also, like listening and being careful in what you say, which I admit I all to often mess up. But I try!

LunaWolff LunaWolff
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

Wow same here. <br />
How annoying isn't it? When I wasn't comfortable with my very fair complexion I'd have people comment or joke about it and I'd laugh but really it was a gut punch because I was overly sensitive about it, very insecure. Or those little rude comments people give you on this site and you think "why would you even take the time to write that down and bother me?".<br />
<br />
My only advice is cherish the sensitivity. <br />
As an EP member once said to me:<br />
<br />
"You are a person with many facets and la<x>yers yet to be discovered. People who do not allow themselves to feel are one-dimensional." How boring!

With me, it totally depends what it is about. Some things, so called "little" things, just totally bother me. They just trigger other thoughts when they come up....things that make me feel neglected = sensitive, bad things about the ones I love = that person will die (lol), bad things about God = VERY upsetting....and.....other then that I don't think there is much else, but it depends doesn't it really? Some thing others find MAJOR just don't upset me at all. Of course taking things to heart can be a good thing too, I think it just means you have a deep heart.