Muffin ☆

I came up with the term 'Muffin' to describe me; hard, crunchy on the outside...and soft and squishy inside. Another term I would call myself would be a 'Gusher'; bendable on the outside, then once I'm chewed up, I would spew out flavored liquid (in this case, that liquid would be emotions). I wouldn't say that I'm dramatic, I'm just very sensitive. People just look at me...Tall, large, and edgy. I can be like that most of the time. But when someone 'isn't really careful with what they say' around me, I can let my sensitive emotions 'gush' out. But I've been more sensitive as a child. I just wish people would save me time (and tears) by thinking about my feelings; realizing that looks CAN be deceiving and that I have a fragile constitution (meaning that I have a sensitive mind). I AM a Muffin after all...
IHeartJapan IHeartJapan
Aug 7, 2010