At Biology Class (sensitive)

Way back to the past. During our biology class, we had our activity , and at that time, we were told to submit our outputs. I was in hurry , and I didn't notice that someone was laughing at me because I widely opened my legs while sitting. It is my mannerism whenever I'm in a hush situation.  It was that stupid group mates who asked me, and said " Oh, it's that the way you opened up your legs?" . I was so pissed and want to give a sharp blow on his face. I'm a conservative lady. And that time also, he didn't helped us on our experiments. It was like I'm the only one who was working.Instead of helping me, he was laughing and consider his self as superior. After that thing happened I didn't talked to him, I shared that with my friends and they said that I'm so sensitive.  The hell I care if I'm so sensitive, I believe for what is right and I will fight for it. And I don't let others ruined my dignity as a person. 
ccmhurt ccmhurt
18-21, F
Aug 8, 2010