Its always the same thing people take me for granted.

this is the hard truth of my life which i never wanted to digest but this is the fact,
I keep on expressing my respect,love,care and feelings for others and they hardly ever care to think of it...
Many a time i feel like...
Why should i care for someone who dont care for me but than my conscience says,
Let them live there live for themselves but you live your life for others,
living,thinking,and loving only our life is every one do but for others its rare..
So i just keep on spreading Unconditional love but than one thing is for sure I will say to god when i am dead some day..
If u are sending me back to earth than sending me only when people learn to respect others who care for them or else better send me to hell...!!!!!
Because in hell atleast they care enough to punish you properly......!!!
I would happily let them do that ....
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hey it seems u r like me... thank god m not the only one.. :D

I Wish People Wouldn't Take Me For Granted.......

There are good people and bad people. I have always been one to trust until given a reason not to I have been giving but far to much so. I get used. I am learning that I must get to know a person before trusting. Its only safe nowadays. There are far more rotton people in the world today. But somehow the good ones do find the good ones. I don't drink, smoke and never partied. Had my children very young. Glad I did because I got cancer when I was 42 years old. It was a very rough 5 years but finally there is some hope now of a normal life again. I am not afraid to die. I do believe God is keeping score up there. There won't be any bad ones when we get there. I look at life like a big school lesson or a test that we have to pass. I am not going to become mean nasty or hold grudges just because everyone else is backstabbing gossiping and lying. They will get their reward according to their actions. I had a baby son murdered the only thing that comforted me was a Bible. The same for getting through cancer and marital abuse. <br />

Now I am learning to treat the people in the way they do and behave, So atleast they would learn how it feels to be,,,,,

That's good. It's frustrating isn't it? <br />
<br />
Just don't go changing YOU. Just develop your skills and adjust your attitude. That's all that is needed I think. <br />
<br />
Good luck with it.

@Opal<br />
You are correct, I was too thinking to change my currect behaviour, and setting limitations...<br />
I too feel the sameas you have told and I am soon going to do the same.

I've had the same problem - especially in my teen/young adult years. Always there ready to be helpful, and supportive to others, but not getting the same in return. <br />
<br />
What has helped me is learning about how to set boundaries with people - i'm not perfect at it yet, still learning the skills for it. You may have heard that term before. There are many books on the subject, and no doubt websites out there that talk about it too. <br />
<br />
Setting boundaries is not about being rude, or shutting people out of your life, but about learning some skills and tactics to protect yourself from unnecessary harm, and bringing a little control into your life. Might be worthwhile for you to look into it...

hey djk007 ! keep going on your Right Track , you ll get the beSt of it .

Thanks for making me believe that i was on right track, I try not change but than still many a times when you dont get respect its really heartbreaking.

I'm "pickin' up what you're puttin' down", trust me. There's much truth in the old adage "no good deed goes unpunished". Some of us live it.