So Sensitive That I Think Something Is Wrong With Me...

I have never met a person more sensitive then myself. I cry over ridiculous things and if I don't cry, I feel really upset, touched or overcome by emotion that it is hard for me to stay in control and be logical.
I am very in touch with other people and believe I have a great sense of intuition.
I work with children and it can be very moving..Like when a child comes in unsettled but then after a period of visits, they come in happy and end up having a great time. Or the times when they say *I love you*, the huge hugs and kisses and when they achieve something. It really moves me, sometimes even to tears.
I also get upset at other peoples pain. Like a co worker whom I am fairly close to and her mum died. I saw her sitting at a table at work and she looked so sad that it made me want to cry. Then I went over and just cuddled her and it made me want to cry again.
I get upset when people criticize or reject me and always take it personally. I am very hard on myself and take on a lot of blame even if it isn't always deserved.
The easiest way to destroy me is to tell me that I have hurt you.
I worry all the time about other people and would be mortified if I hurt someone, it is something that really worries me.
In a way my sensitivity is a good thing as it means I have a great capacity to love and I feel the nice emotions in life really strongly. However it isn't always a good thing as I get upset SO easily and it ends up making me feel really down. I also think that people can exploit sensitivity so I try and hide it from people. I think that some see sensitive people as weak and that's not true.It just means we feel things a lot more strongly then others.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one! I don't watch the news often because it makes me cry. Other people I know seem to think its a bit over the top, but its so SAD alot of the time. I've cried because of things I've seen in the paper too.

It is ok to be sensitive, its just part of who we are!