After playing a game of Quiji Board my friend and I decided to take a nap before going out that night. There were two beds on either side of the room, and she fell fast asleep in hers. I was lying down and felt "someone" come onto my bed. I felt the mattress sink with the weight. Suddenly I was overcome with this heavy weight and ringing sound. I couldn't move, and I tried to call out for my friend, but I couldn't. All I could do was lay there with my heart pounding hoping it would go away. A few minutes later it did. I told my friend, and she joked it was the sprit we were talking to since I challenged it to come out and move something. I never believed in ghosts or spirits, but i think it was something like that. Very real, very scary. Could it have been supernatural?
rweiss rweiss
18-21, F
Apr 21, 2007