Being Sensitive Is A Not A Bad Thing

"Stop being so sensitive!"

"You cry too much!"

"Chill out, don't sweat it!"

"You need to come out of your shell!"

"You over think"

I have been told these many many times, by almost all the people I know. Looking at the background of the highly sensitive person that I was, has helped me to come to terms with who I am as a person and member of society. I always felt like an outcast due to my extremely shy and introverted nature; and of course it didn't help my self-esteem.

Now, I have learnt that there are more people out there like me; a large number of people at that. Sensitivity is not our weakness but its our strength. It's our perception about how we look at it. Once we are convinced that its our strength its helps us a lot. Today, the world really needs sensitive people who care enough for all the living beings around as unfortunately many in this world have become insensitive to even social issues. Sensitive people care about others and show it, they talk about nice and innocent things, and they love everything, they are kind and able to sense emotions in others. And their sensitivity make them great lovers because of their ability to sense others needs.
"It is innocence that allows us to be compassionate. The fearful and angry are not able to give."
Waocky Waocky
26-30, F
2 Responses Oct 27, 2012

Wow! I love what you wrote! My sister was the main person to tell me all those things. It often broke me down and made me feel weak, but like you said .. it wasn't until I accepted that that's who I am that I finally started to see the good in it. But because it is good!! :)

i've been told those things many times too. ever since i was little til now and probably later i still am a person that is not out going, kept everything to myself, and was not able to deal with harsh emotions at times. its just hard to something that you've been used to for so long