My Aunts Just Don't Get It

Hello I am living in the bay area have been for 4 years and not once has my family visited me. have visited the practically every weekend for the first 2 years and I was told by my aunt I live too far, that she was on a budget. This ***** told me that I act like my aunts are the ones who are doing it, whatever that means? She said that I was the one who decided to move and that they were all still there in Stockton. She says she's on a budget yet she is constantly going out with her friends to eat/happy hour. I feel like I have done my part, why can't they do it for me? Why am I less important, for them to do things for each other But just cuz I decided to move I'm a non factor? I feel so hurt and unloved by my aunts. I told Mandy she had any anger towards me or animosity to at least be a woman and check on her niece. UCI have a 1 year old daughter and I have 1on the way also. not once have they visited my daughter. this really makes me angry, *******. what's the excuse there is no excuse for that. I told myself this year was going to be my year and that if they didn't want to speak to me I would shut all of them out. I found out I was having a baby boy and I didn't Tell them the sex. I'm not going to even when he's born. Is that wrong? if they couldn't visit me or my daughter all those years I've been here why would they do it for my son?
rudezgirl415 rudezgirl415
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2013