I Can Be Very Sensitive

I remember being a little girl around 11 years old, out playing with my friends and noticing a sick tree and later sneaking away from them to go pay that sick tree a visit. I remember feeling bad for the tree because it was so big but was dying because of all the fungus growing on the tree and turning all its limbs grey and brittle. I cried for the tree because I could see that it still wanted to grow and not be bogged down to the point of death. I hugged the tree and told it that I knew how sad it was and patted the tree on the trunk and then  I skipped along returning to play with my friends, turning around mid point away and waving good bye to the tree. It felt good to me, so good that I visited the tree almost every day for the rest of the summer even a hand full of times through out the winter... I would curl up to the bottom of the tree and sometimes fall asleep, even in the winter. I still look for the old tree sometimes when I drive by where it used to be. That's the kind of little girl I was..  And it's still how I am today... I just offer my love to people in need now instead of trees. However some people sure have misused my offers and have in a sense bogged me down by infecting me with their fungus so to speak... That won't stop me though as I a have an abundance of love and a great inner strength that I feel compelled to pass on to others that have little of either. It's a quality with a doubled egded outcome. I'm not afraid to take the chance. That's what life and love is all about. When on the other hand  some people I extend my love to motivate and inspire me to keep going because even though they may be bogged down in life they still grow and shine and strive. It's a beautiful gift to recieve back for giving them a small peice of my heart.
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we're the same!almost

I SO relate . . I'm never at a loss. I just keep right on giving without reservation. That's what it's all about ! Stay true to that. Bravo !