I've always been an outsider.
People tease me sometimes, but in a friendly way.
That's what best friends do, right?
Make you laugh.
Although its never been like that for me.
If someone makes a joke about me, i'll smile and laugh, but its always fake.
i take it all in and never shake off the feeling that they might be right.
i get paranoid and panic.
i try to pretend to be happy and people seem to buy it.
My only hope is that one day, i won't have to pretend anymore.
SecretIsOut SecretIsOut
13-15, F
3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

im gonna always be here for you pal. life does get better and people change. you`re my best friend and i know you can make it throught this.

-sighhh- thanks pal
your friendship means a lot to me

YOU mean a lot me.

aww thanks pal
BTW: changed bday plans

what you doin?

well instead of goin to that place, we might just order pizza or get a "make-your-own-taco" table since my bday is the mexico flag day
cuz we is broke so idk if we can afford anything like nicklemania

oh okay. well just let me know and i will tell me mom


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It's not letting me, I think because of your age. Maybe you can, or else e-mail?

I got teased when I was growing up. I know how you feel. Hang in there because it does get better, and people grow up.

thanks :/


that actually means a lot to me

That's sweet.

yeah well there arent that many people that i know will be there for me :/

Well, I'm here for you, babe

Awww well thanks again :) you seem cool
we should talk more....
but not now....
it seems like there would be an awkward silence where i'd get to the point of askin about the weather :P

Yeah, I'm good at awkwrd silences too:) Seriously, that would be really great.

alright well hit me up whenever :)
i have no life, so i'll be on xD

Will do, sweetie.


Haha, you are so cute.

so ive been told....
i never believe it, but ive been told :P

Believe it.

:D ahhh you're too persuasive xD

LOL! Hey, what can I tell you?

what can you tell me? you can tell me anything xD

Good to know..

ahh i can feel the awkwardness beginning

Well, we can call it a night if you want. But I'm enjoying talking with you.

im enjoying talkin to you too....
but i feel like this is too public O.O cuz other people can read this >.> <.

True. What would you suggest?

ummm through message or email? idk. you choose?

Message is fine, I guess.

then message me?

It's not letting me, I think because of your age. Do you want to try, or else e-mail? Or Yahoo messenger?

email i guess

Okay. What's your e-mail?

hmm yahoo or gmail?

Whichever you prefer.

imma erase that when i log off ^^ btw



I sent you an e-mail last night. Did you get it?


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