I feel I'm an empath and when some people are down - I get down too.  Does anyone else feel this way?
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My daughter was a paramedic. She saw so much tragedy. I worry about her and hope she can put that behind her.

As a nurse, I have deveoped empathy easily. After over 37 years in the profession, I still hate giving a shot or cleansing a wound because of the pain that it causes the patient. <br />
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It makes me more gentle and more adept at explaining things to the patients as I go through the process. <br />
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WHEN I AM DONE, I begin life over, so to speak, I leave it all behind and continue to the next patient, or go home and continue my home life. <br />
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There may be a momentary flash back to the happenings of the day with my patients, but I do not dwell on it, I do not go into "oh I wish," or "It should not have been like this.<br />
or "Why God?" It just leave the things that can not be answered alone.<br />
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Maybe this helps you..<br />
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How did you manage to overcome this? Did you study it or journal or ??????

Yes my mother actually had concerns about me going to group therapy because i tend to take on other peoples problems .. some how ive managed to over come that huge barrier i was putting on myself its hard to take on other peoples problems but alot of us do it ...