I Feel Things Deeply

I've always been told my whole life that i am too sensitive and need to toughen up.  I cry at movies, some music, when happy or sad.  Its who I am.  I feel things way down deep inside me.  My mother (deceased now) used to say that my sensitivity is what gave much such a strong intuition.  She saw it as a strength.  Others taught me it was weakness to feel. Now I am learning mom was right.  But I wish I could feel without it hurting so much.  As I get older I am able to let some things slide off, and as my confidence is building, too. 

Tigress35 Tigress35
31-35, F
2 Responses Jun 16, 2007

I used to be told I was over sensitive. I didnt see it as strength at first because people would tell me to stop being so sensitive. I now realise that it is a strength, it helps me in my work and with lots of other things in my life. Keep going because you will learn more about yourself every step of the way. Sensitivity is a strength.

We either hurt cause we feel it or we feel it cause we hurt so much. You perhaps will reach a point in the aging process where you'll feel but won't hurt so much. The wisdom of age enables you to look at things differently and filter some of it. No, you'll still feel but the hurting will lessen.