The Irony In Empathy

I often hide my feelings from others by veiling my true "state of being" with happiness, because I feel that if I am not acting like nothing in life bothers me, I can better help my friends with their problems. Everyone comes to me for the answers to their questions, for a good chat, for help, and I can usually guide them in the direction which they sought, but I have trouble with my own problems sometimes, and am so sensitive to the possibility of those problems affecting others, that I do not take the time to "bother" with them. I try to open up to others, but when I do it just complicates our relationships, which, in some cases, has been a very positive addition to friendly relationships, but, in others, has proven to be the cause of separation or withdrawal on the behalf of the other person(s). Sometimes it seems as though I can listen and have patience with the world, but, at the times I need it the most, the world has turned its back on me (not completely, but with those whom I confide in the most).
SamanthaMerL SamanthaMerL
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1 Response Jul 16, 2007

I have a good friend who is a lot like you described yourself to be here. I understand a little bit about it. Hang in there and don't quit. Your true friends will be there for you in the long run for better or worse.<br />
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I am thankful at the same time for the kind of friendship you offer as it keeps us sane. Just don't let it make you insane. lol!<br />
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