I'm Extremely Sensitive

Sometimes my friends think I overreact. They don't get me, they want to say they do.. but they DON'T get me at all.. I may overreact, but that's just because I am extremely sensitive.... they really don't understand what its like to have Aspergers.. they never will, I don't know how to teach them. Although I have to find a way to do that, ao they can walk a mile in my shoes... they really have no clue what I have gone through and what I wil go through.. With having a brother who has Autism and he didn't say his first word until he was 7... it was and still is very stressful having a brother that doesn't really understand the world as well as everyone else... he'll cry if he doesn't get his way, and he'll throw a tantrum if he gets frustrated.... I really don't know HOW in the underworld this girl in my class can bully me, although she has no clue what I go through when i get home every night... I hate her, she really has no idea although she says she does..

You can't know everthing in the world, especially if you have no flippin idea what in the world goes on inside someone's mind and in their heart...       

I just wish that everyone knew how other people felt... its a bad world already... the fact that we have no clue what goes on inside each other's thoughts and dreams is a really bad thing...

Kingtutkelly Kingtutkelly
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1 Response Jul 26, 2007

It's a funny world isn't it. We spend our entire lives, only seeing through our eyes. We see all these people around us, so many thoughts, so many ideas, but we'll never know what they're truely thinking or who they truely are. Being sensitive means that you realize that. I feel for you and I know you have it hard. But trust me, it gets better. People grow up, people stop making fun, people mature. Teenhood is a very rough stage in life and it's only getting worse and worse as time goes on. But you have to fight through it, like a test. When you make it out and make it on you're own, you'll realize that it taking all of that was worth having the freedom you will gain. Don't let anyone tell you you're life if ruined before it even takes off. . . it's only the begining.<br />
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Hope that helped in some way.