I Am Too Sensitive and Emotional :(

Every petty things happened to hurt me i dunno why..Like if someone says he can do something better than me without the intention of hurting me, i'll go to my room and think a lot about it and i'll be sad...

One thing is that my dad always understimate me in front of my bother and i usually cry for that. This keeps hurting me inside and make me weak. We have the same level of education(high school) eventhough dad hurts me lot.

I dunno maybe it's me who always see things like that.

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1 Response Jan 28, 2009

Dear Friend,<br />
You are the master of your feelings and the master of yourself. Only you know how great you are. Noone can intimidate you it is only you who let them. So pull up your skin and stand strong and be a man! You are wonderful and you know it. As soon as you start acting like that people will start to treat you as you deserve to be treated. Dont let anyone should on you. Sensitive people have the most difficulty doing this but it is because we are the best!