It seems that I'm always the one that notices slight changes in people's behavior and emotions. With some of my good friends, I can often know what they are going to say before they actually say so. So when I know someone's going to say something that is going to hurt whoever they're talking to, I try to stop them. But they find two things impossible to understand; one, the fact that I can tell what they are going to say, and two, that what they are going to say is going to hurt someone. Through experience I've learnt to just keep my mouth shut and bear it to avoid awkward situations.

I'm also sensitive in the sense that things that don't seem to have a major effect on most people hurt me. It makes human relationships a little harder because no one just seems to understand what the hell is going on.
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I feel this way too when I'm writing or talking to someone, I know what they're going to say because I can feel their words or the tone of their voice. I usually say BRB or EMERGENCY, but I always get back to the same conversation and they always seem to remember what hurtful things they were going to say before I left. <br />
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People suck sometimes.