I just walked through the grocery store and was listening to I just want to thank you lord and was nearly crying walking down the aisles. God has been good to me. The woman I was in love with... I had to let her go. It is hard when my heart is so much in her but she wants someone else and doesn't really want me. I find myself doing and saying things that makes her be the person I used to need. Not the wife she was forming to be for me. In this turn, she let me go and didn't hold on while I waited. I'm sad right now and need to be alone. Its going to be hard to trust a woman and start over. And I can only see the other guys as wolf wanting what I have... life and its complications. And the guys that eye me... no. Ain't that type of party brothers. Ain't that type of party. Back to the focus tunnel... captain out.
jpllc jpllc
26-30, M
Aug 15, 2014