When someone from family or close relative talk with me in a bad language,,, then i want to cry alone ,, tears come in my eyes,,, then i think that (oh boy dont cry u r a man),,, but i cant stop my self
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Showing emotions is the best way to prove that you are a real human creature , don't like people who pretend to be stone hearted

men can be sad too. knowing your sad is a good thing, you can control many things, maybe spend time with positive people and avoid negative ones.

Tears are never your weaknesses. It shows that you have a heart.

I cry even from a unintelligent insult, nothing is wrong with crying! It's natural, men cry too.

I don't like to be insulted

A frens of mine make me feel so bad because I ask her wat she wanna do with her life was so sorry I ever ask her

They take it for granted when u show u care


Ok pat how can I add u I don't know how to

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