At the beach & husband looking at other women He's not paying Attention to me at all!! I feel time for me to move on in life):
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y dnt u look at other men...or wear something hot..that other men see you and your husband feel jealous or insecure...

I understand it's hard. Give every effort to save your marriage. Sometimes it just seems easier to move on. I'm in a terrible situation right now. The thought is entering my mind as well. Do I want to give up 30 years?

Things of this world do pass away, seek God's kingdom and righteousness first, and all of these things will be added on to you. Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again. Believe in Him and His sacrifice and you will be saved, faith in HIm accounts for righteousness, and faith is obedience to Him, so repent of your sins and follow Him, the Way, the Truth, the Light.

At least he is looking at other women, if he was looking at other men then you should worry. I'm 66 and I still look at you 48 yr old youngsters LOL

It's okay to look, then say nice job God. Then look away.

Men always look at other women on the beach. All men,always. Absolutely normal. Don't worry about that.

Do the same:) don't care when others don't - stay blessed

Maybe his mind is distracted and he isn't intentionally ignoring you and many men look at other women even if its unintentional. You should talk to him about your concerns and address your issues with the way he looks at other women.

all men look at other women but he may still love you and want you

You think!! Vacationing with family at Lake Erie Ontario... Thank you!! just feeling very 😓I am a young 48 yrs old

i am a young 55 and still think i am 25 well we can all wish