I don't know how to feel about this.. Right I had a party with my ex and my bestfriends knows I still like him and he had sex with her😪am I wrong for being pissed of at her?
kieratann kieratann
18-21, F
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In my experience, friends don't slept with their friends ex. Doesn't matter what the circumstances are! That is not a loyal friend. If she can do that to you, what makes you think she won't do something worse? You are better off without her. Trust me, my ex best friend did the same. I stuck around for 8 years and it nearly cost me everything

Hi, nothing wrong and understandably why you feel sick of her. As for yr Fren, she's not a good Fren if she acted purely on intention to **** you off.

I would be pissed.

Thankyou she wonders why I'm in such a mood with her it's so annoying I do love her to bits she's my bestfriend but meet thought she's do this to me😪😪

It's not just any boy, it's an ex. It's a sensitive issue and I wish she tried to be more understanding. Although I hope your friendship with her makes it through this incident; people called "best friend" are harder to find when you get older. (: