i cry about the stupidest things
buttney buttney
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Better than keeping it inside like a bomb waiting to go off, eh?

Me too

Nothing is stupid, if it touches your heart it touches your heart, I cry all the time! Keep smiling :)

Yo are a girl and its natural ..

ugh me too

I am a very sensitive person but don't always show it. I feel from the heart.

Me too. I try not to be "mushy". But at times i just have to cry. Something's make me cry and I cant help it. It's not my fault. I cant try to ignore it. I can hold back my tears, but they are still there. I don't want to cry but it's like i cant control my own tear ducts. It's annoying.

Me too, but I think I'm worse. For example, last year i was turning 14. There was another girl in the class who had the same birthday as me. People remembered it was her birthday and not mine. I cried over it. I cried so hard that they decided to throw me a lil party and sing me Happy Birthday. After that I was still crying.

i cry when i cry