Ok married 35 years......been unhappy for the last 13 years.... He is very angry all the time...He did have cancer 13 years ago and that changed him'....He has been cancer for 12 years... don't know what his problem is.....help me to understand him
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To care, not to cure. I can see that both of you have gone through a lot of suffering. So has everyone else. I was once very disheartened by life's disappointments and was really let down. The liberating point is that you have the absolute freedom in terms of the way you respond to difficult times. Take your time, to care of your husband. Whatever his emotions are, hug him gently and say: darling I am here for you. Our responsibility for our loved ones is to care, not to cure. In that way, your husband may be cured.

there are a lot that suffer from cancer but taking it out on others is never right and he needs to be told how you feel

a lot of drugs has a lot of different kind of side effect. One kind of side effect is, getting high temper mentally.. and as you are with him throughout of his this suffering for this long ... truly I don't think anybody than you can understand him.