When some one hurt u..u can not think😔the one thing that u can to do that u feel pain😢
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i just need a little love and tenderness in my life

Dont allow people to hurt u !

Like I said No2no2121, that is true for you _now_. But, without realising it by posting here you have found yourself a goal: feel differently. There is a will behind that goal, because you do not want to feel this way anymore. Where there is a will, and someone searching this very site for help, you will find a way. What I am saying is that thinking about other people as separate entities, thinking about their feelings as their own reaction to you, based on all of their past experiences and their interaction with you, surely their experiences have a greater effect than you yourself. When you begin to think like this, and you find more stories and responses and discussions on here, then you will find a way to achieve your goal. It will not be instantaneous! But you will get it.

There are no absolute truths, dude. That is true for you. It's also true for quite a few other people. For the time being. You have come to a place where searching for stories about how you feel will yield results. You will find out things about people, and about yourself, that you never dreamed. One example is that the opinions of others are exactly that: theirs. To do with as they please, to feel as they please, to share or not share as they want to. They are no reflection on you. Your opinions and feelings are your own. In time you will come to realise that, and to develop them into a fantastic array of emotions that go way beyond pain.


in another words I guess you mean, don't let people hurt you,right?

Aaaahahaha you are just like my mate Linda, able to summarise accurately any long piece of text into a single line. Yes, I mean that. I am just illustrating some of the robust tools you can use to do that. It takes time to find them all, time to learn them all, time to realise them all and time to implement them all. In short, it's work.

Some people take it too literally though if you just say it like it is, and hammer out a hard shell of steel for themselves. That usually causes problems further down the road, like they become bitchy...

Try searching for I know EP Kung Fu (but ignore the most recent story that was someone's fun joke). That was a cool place a few years ago, and Iza's kitchen. But most of all, search and read - and respond. People do stick around on here more than you know, so responses to old stories often bring them back to life and encourage people to share what happened in the meantime :)

I hope you don't feel pain