Every time someone says something cruel or derogatory to me or someone else and I comment on it, they'll tell me I'm overreacting and that they're just joking. It's gotten to the point where they openly joke about it in front of me.
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I don't think they're going to stop. Ever. Time for new friends.

Because sensitive people are rare, they make fun of us to disappoint us, they don;t realize they damage our hearts!

That's not fair or ok

I appreciate your support.

that's called BULLYING.......talk to someone about how to handle it, Do you have anyone at that will stick by you & stand up for you ? Its tough being in that situation , being vulnerable at its best, its hard to take a stand for yourself, but if you continue to stand up to them & not let them get the best of you, you will be the bigger person. If its too much, tell someone!!! DO NOT tolerate being bullied! NO ONE deserves to be degraded

Thank you for your support. I never had thought about it that way and I will stick up for myself.