I wish I weren't so sensitive. I wish I could just not care. I've been put down and told I was too sensitive so many times. It makes me feel like I am not normal or there is something really wrong with me. I feel like I can never say how I feel about anything in fear of being called sensitive. All I want is to just not care about anything anymore.
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Being Sensitive is good. It is not normal to feel nothing at all. Isn't it nice to walk outside or look out a window and see something that touches your heart :)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.
Being sensitive is very heartwarming, and people make fun of sensitive people because it's rare to find such people who are very warm

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The cruelty in the world needs to be exposed for what it is. Sensitive people are the emotional "canaries in the coal mine" to the world.

I get told this all the time. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, even if it makes life a little difficult. I feel we might just be more 'human' than the norm.

I feel incredibly affected by things like international disasters and wars, or on a smaller scale, by the difficulties an acquaintance is going through. Even works of fiction will affect me on a deep emotional level, or can trigger illness, among other bodily reactions.
In cases where someone instigates me and pushes my buttons, I can't help but act hurt or react negatively, it's hard to get negative energy sent by others to just bounce away.

Wouldn't the world be a gentler place if people were more sensitive?

That is a good trait to have. Compassion! It makes YOU you ! Embrace it :)

Oh, please don't say that! The world needs us to feel its pain and remind it to treat itself better! Be sensitive but be strong! Reflect back the insensitivity of others. Make them realize that they need to do better. Be a force for good in the world. Everyone has their burden to bear. At least this one can be made into something good!

Thank you.

That is no way to live! Who is the horrible person who told you that??