I am way too sensitive. I cry because of the simplest things, such as music,documentaries, and other things going that are also not personal to me.
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Thank you all for the support.

See thats part of being a girl..

Crying can be relieving in many situations. If you're comfortable enough to cry and can find the time and place to do so, you have nothing to feel bad about as long as you do it in moderation and responsibly. Crying on a daily basis in a habitual manner is not good, specially when there is no real reason. It takes a lot for some people to cry because strong is an appealing trait and crying is its opposite. I do believe never crying or expressing vulnerable emotions is just as bad.

Agreed! :).

You don't have to feel bad about this. I have been that way my whole life. If anyone thinks your weird then they just don't have a big enough heart to be in your life. I cry over someone not calling me or texting me back. Believe me I cry lots.

You are not sensitive!You just happen to be having a big heart for everyone and everything,which is a good thing of course!

OMG! Don't lol try watching water ship down! Or lassie they are real tear jerkers, mind you I cry at anything lol
I think woman get very emotionally invested in films and things...

Its not always women!Its everyone!Its always human!

Yes but women don't mind looking like a doe eyed rabbit, with a box of tissues, my Man would hide lol I am know men are softies to, but womens emotions are a lot close to the surface, so no need to pull the gender card it's a fact.

Sorry but I believe that both men and women can cry whenever they want!

I think thats quite beautiful

I do too! I cry when I'm sad, angry, hurt, love stories on TV, commercials, etc. It seems like most anything will start the tears falling.

Me too :s

Mee too!!!

How bout Bambi?

Oh yeah definately!

I do that too. It's so annoying. Once, my dad and sister were watching harry potter. I walked in and watched it. Within 5 minutes I was crying my eyes out because Dumbledore died. I'm not even a Harry potter fan.. ;3

Awww that's so adorable :)
You feel like you just have to cry and feel for everyone to feel a bit satisfied... it's all cause we are girls.

Girl-power 😄👊