Why everyone always say they are a sensitive person? Its kinda ANNOYING you cry baby! Be brave! And strong!

We have to be tough, so we can change the world to be better! Dont let the world change you, or even worse, CRUSH you!
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Its in our nature and personality we cant choose its difficult

Excuse me, but last I checked EP is for people to express their feelings and thoughts openly and not be judged for it. And there is nothing wrong with being sensitive. Everyone deals with it differently and you don't know stories. The "I am a sensitive person" experience is for sensitive people to find support and sanctuary amongst others like them, not to be called a crybaby. If you are as thought as you imply your are, then more power to you. Just post that under "I am oh-so-confident-and-tough-and-totally-not-a-crybaby" experience.

Oh yea? Am i judge? Do i ever said sensitive-is-stupid ? Shut your *** from talking.
This is encouragement from the harsh way. Stupid is just complaining or

Crybaby is just for every people who "feels" that they are never move on. And staystill like a dog being scold by his owner.
I just want everyone be brave, be confident.

Shut your negative crap.

You said it's "ANNOYING" and called people who say they are sensitive "cry babies", that is a judgment. The person who replied didn't curse at you or call you names, and they were correct EP is for people to join a group for which they can answer "me too" and share their experiences about a common issue. C;mon man, at least if you are going to disagree with a person's opinion just say what you think without calling them all kinds of gross names and especially if you want to help people and inspire them, you have to show them the same respect you want from others.

When you never get whiped, you will cry by a tiny pinch. *** hole negative madafaker

Hello there! You know I have found the best thing about being sensitive is that as I get older, I am intensely happier than many of my peers. I enjoy the world - like wearing good glasses the edges are sharper, the colours brighter. As I get older, I can move more delftly around the thorns, they are still there (I am no "cry baby"). Being old rocks, being sensitive rocks too, being old and sensitive is awesome.

Well, as far as I see, YOU are the cry baby! You are the one calling people names and telling them to shut up. I see no reason for that, because I think you are simply talking about one thing and "we" are talking about another. Just because someone says they are "sensitive", does NOT mean they are a "cry-baby", that they complain, are negative, fearful, or "soft". Sensitive means you feel and perceive deeply. You can feel pain but still be brave about it... You can be sensitive to other's feelings and still be strong.

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some of us aren't as strong as others can be. People (((like me))) die inside but keep smiling so others don't realise. When someone puts me down I die inside because I am already bottling up so much. I am brave in front of my friends and family but they don't realise how much everything affects me. We aren't cry babies we just have different ways of handling things...

Omg, I'm the same.

Message me if you ever need be...

Sure, you too.

Be strong! Dont give up!

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Well actually I'm both, people see me strong and brave while really everything affects me inside.

Lol oki