Being this kind of person I cry over anything and everything. I can't help it, it's a natural instinct for me to do. I cry over my ex when I can't have him back in my life b/c I can't simply do anything about that & it sucks.
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It's not's just being normal! :)

I've been crying over the same thing, even as recent as today, only you know its a girl. So... don't feel too bad there are certainly other people in similar situations. Also you are very young... odds that he is the only one on the planet for you are extremely low.

I love him and want to be his girl

At some point in your life you're gonna have to build yourself up. Its hard going through a break up and you have to get those feelings out, but this is just another time in your life and you'll have many more. It may seem hard right now but if just give it a little time it'll get better. In the mean time do some things you like to do. Treat yourself to something and enjoy yourself because life is too short to waste, so have fun :-)

Nothing wrong with being sensitive, but why don't you ever do anything about stuff?