It is truly blissful when watching seniors still holding hands in public
51-55, F
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I agree! It makes my smile every time.

Puts a smile on me as well

Though I feel the pain of a million heartbreaks, I still stand tall.

Powerful words

It touches my heart too, and makes me realise that they must have learnt so much more about life together such that they could love and give in to the other half so much to last so long. It's really something to learn from, isn't it? :)

It most certainly is :-)

Join the crowd - welcome . I'm a newbie also ... Focus on your path with this App . We are here to listen. There are people on here that want to help and give words of encouragement what ever is on your mind .

Thank you for your kindness :)

I work in the medical field and the other day a lady called who is said she is 91 yrs old that she is healthy and all that's wrong with her is her eyes. That's her 92 yrs old husband told her to make an appointment. Which I told her that I would love to grow up to be like her. Cause she sounds like she was in her 50th.

My Mother is 87 and she can out walk me !! She says she will live to be 100 . Any day after that are her bonus days . Lol . She will !!!