I feel like I don't belong anywhere. And that nobody wants me around.. Really sucks
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I know how you feel, man! A good idea is to find out your strengths, and move in that direction. For example, if you love children, try to find a job in that capacity. As well as making you feel needed- you will make LOTS of friends- the other adults who are working with you! Good luck!

I think everybody at some point and to varying degrees feels detached from their surroundings or society and certainly doesn't conclude that your childhood experiences are wholly culpable although they are for the most part intrinsically interwoven. List your strengths and focus on them. Revel in them. Sit back in your psychological booster seat and let rip. Try and exert a bucket load of self confidence almost to the point of arrogance. Physical exercise is a demonstrably and repeatedly proven remedy. Choose a sport or activity that interests you and that you excel at.

I disagree with the poster who said this is normal and just a condition of our time and culture.

People who experience this are people who are brutally starved for love . They were raised by neglectful and/or abusive parents and as a result have also gone on into adult life deprived of love, single, deficient family, no sense of human attachment or social belonging.

Such people need human I intimacy and attachment.

Well I didn't say it's normal, and just a condition... I did say it's simply a condition of our time and culture, which can include having loveless families and parents. In any case, I don't disagree with what you said, and I did not mean to imply that it's "normal". I said that many other people feel the same, because they do, including myself. I felt the same way very much when I was younger, and I went thru a lot trying to find solutions for it.

Such people need human intimacy and attachment, and healing through that; the lack if which is how the got the lack of sense if belonging, despair/detachment experience, etc.

I have fellt this way many times too. I think that if you know that so many people feel the same way, it helps because it's simply a condition of our time and our society/culture. It sux because it shouldn't be that way. My solution has been to actively look for people who are like me, and be an active friend, let them know that I care about them, because we can't all just wait for someone else to want us, we have to be that person for others, and then we really do have people who care and we fit in. I hope you will feel better very soon.

Also, your setting won't let you add me and many others, and we also can't post on your whiteboard, just so you know.

Thanks man your response really have me a lot to think about

Oh, that's good, thanks for telling me.

Well written, SkyFlyBoy! (As always!) P.S. you may have a message in your in box...

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Hugs :))) try eating chocolates :))) makes u feel better :))