I saw one persons story who said he was a borderline AND a Sociopath and EVERYTHING he said.... It felt like I was reading about myself
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I would hope that, while curious, you're having yourself professionally evaluated if you believe yourself to be suffering from a mental illness diagnosis. "Suffering" being key, as those with most legitimate diagnosis often display patterns of failed relationships, occupational and at times legal difficulty, as well as continued duress.
If you are looking at Personality Disorders-which it sounds to me you are, note that ALL individuals have facet's i.e. traits (tendencies, behavioral habits, emotive displays) that are identifiable with these disorders. We all have a bit of narcissism, a bit of opposition, a bit of shyness and introversion, etc. But that does not mean that they are in a collection whereby they've become pathological.
So on, if you're attempting to diagnosis yourself-don't, unless its for a laugh, if your down right serious, and your world is a **** storm, go see some professional help.