I've been this way since I was a little girl. Sure I played rough with my cousins and friends but I couldn't play too rough. I can't take criticism even if it's for my own good. I can't take being scolded by someone or I'd feel like crying. I can't begin to count on my hands how many times I've cried in school because of little things likes jokes or simple teasing between friends. I can usually sense when someone feels sad and I'm a pretty good listener. I love to make people smile. My friend once told me that I was ruining her mood when I got sad. So yes, that made me get even more upset. Sometimes I don't know if I'm being oversensitive.
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I understand when you said you became more upset when your friend said that your sadness was ruining her mood. I always try to make others happy, so i hide my sadness around others. In the end, it just makes me have no one to talk to, overthink, and cry at little things. Situations like this, have made me become a sensitive person.

It's alright everyone gets sad.

And if you want the next time you get sad you can talk to me and I'll try and cheer you up.

Thank you, I appreciate it. ^_^

Your welcome (:

You're honestly not alone with this, I'm also incredibly sensitive and I can't take violence at all. I always try to keep the peace in my house sadly it never works

I can't take violence either. You shouldn't give up trying to keep peace. It might work out in your favor one day.

Thanks ^_^ I'm always standing inbetween my brothers when they fight. Basically I'm a human punching bag, I take all the punches, kicks ect.

I have no siblings but I do try to calm my friends down. If I become a human punching bag, I'd be broken in half because I'm so skinny. Lol.

Your not being oversensitive I'm like that to but don't forget it's who u r n thats one if the thing that makes u special so don't let anyone bring u down

Thanks a lot. That's really nice of you.

If u ever need someone to talk to just message me

Cool. I'll do that if that time comes. Thanks ^_^