I Hate This Trait.

I am such a sensitive person.  It is so easy for someone to hurt my feelings, and God forbid I am put in a position where I need to hurt someone else's feelings.  I just can't do it.

It sucks, because there are alot of things that get to me that really shouldn't.  I cry at dumb things, like when I see a baby in a Barney halloween costume?!?  I'm not crying out of fear, I am crying because I get this feeling inside when I see a baby, because then I think about what it'll be like when I have my own.  Then my emotions just go wild. 

I was watching this video about these guys who raised a lion and it remembered them, I was crying.  I cried during the finale of friends, I cried so hard.

I really wish I could be more of a hard person.

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

lol... were kinda the same... i also hate the trait of being too sensitive... when i watch a movie or a tv show and when an actor/actress start to cry i also cry... people use to tease me for that... they tease that i was a cry-baby... and a friend of mine told me, don't hate your trait for being too sensitive, its to show that you are a caring person... =)

You are quite the opposite of me, I am an extremely hard person to hurt, which helps when I feel other peoples emotions. I have what can sometimes feel like a curse and othertimes be a blessing, I've always been very empathic, I've been able to sense other peoples emotions through my own feelings, I can pick out people without looking because I can feel what they feel. Being this way has taught me to bring up my defences and not show emotional pain, and right now, now emotion at all. But I think around you I would certainly fall apart feeling everything you felt! I think the only way you can rectify is to not look too deeply into situations that upset you, slowly you will become immune to them, but it never happens overnight, give it time, you will learn eventually.