Sensitivity...strength ??

Sometimes i wonder whether my sensitivity is my strength or my weakness.
Maybe if i was tougher inside i wouldnt hurt so much from my boyfriend's betrayal.I swear i loved him so much! Then I would be able to move on,like some other people,without carrying all that pain in me.
And yet..somewhere i think my sensitivity makes me the person I am. I'm sensitive not just to myself,but also to other people's feelings,thoughts and needs. I think Im a nice person..and being able to understand and appreciate other people makes me that.

But maybe...if i was just a little stronger and less would be easier for me???
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I completely hear what you're saying..!<br />
The thing is, sometimes it feels like I'm less sensitive than other people - or I react less... I used to think that some kind of zen-like existence is the ultimate goal, where everything is sort of mellow and there are no extreme highs or lows. But this just meant that I didn't allow myself to express any feelings - they were still there..!! That's as unhealthy as it gets :/<br />
So now I'm going back to thinking it's okey to be sensitive and have all kinds of rolling feelings going on. All geniuses are sensitive, right? ;)

Irislily you can't imagine how much I understand you...<br />
I have these thoughts every day and I have not yet reached to a conclusion...<br />
It's just the way it is...I will always care and make important things that others would never even think about...<br />
I can't blame them...I'm even a little jealous of them...<br />
I sometimes ask myself if I would want to be a little more shallow but on the other hand I love living every minute intensely...<br />
That's just the way it is...

hello irislily!! I think I can identify with being sensitive, have been myself (I think) for most of my life - it is not an easy thing to be in a world that is not always fair or good or kind - but don't try and change yourself, it's other people who will sneer at you (jealousy I would imagine!) use your sensitivity in some creative way maybe such as poetry , art of some kind, and maybe you'll find lots of people just like yourself who can relate to you in a sensitive way - but my God don't expect everyone to be sensitive so don't waste too much energy on those kind of people - your intuition should tell you just be the reaction you get in bodily language or verbally - happens to me all the time, ha ha!! but humour is always good and as you get older, I'm in my 50's it really DOES get better - I just don't bother with people who don't interest me any more and I feel sensitive still if I see some blind person or someone with mental problems , especially the young ones - see you could even help someone out by being their companion from time to time.......not that I have done so shame on me, the only thing I did was help people with dementia when I worked in an old people's home in my 20's and that made me feel better and I loved to cuddle them before I left to go home at night in my comfortable house - got to count our blessings eh??<br />
LOL and you'll do fine but don't take hurtful things to heart - just listen to some nice soothing music and forget about these "sad" people!!