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I cry over the small things, hurting someone even by accadent. I love dogs and the feel of the wind in my face. I love to much and hurt to much. I want to be someone else and I don't like who I am. I don't know what to write...
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The sad thing is we have to be what we are, or we will go crazy
sure you cry but that is just you.
The one I loved would cry for no reason, but it did not change how I loved her very young in life even sucking her thumb at night did not change her guess that does not make sense.

who do you want to be?

i **** girl

OMG you remind me of me I cry over the animal abuse commercials. Don't ever change the person you are because when you are emotional it shows you have a hugh heart and you never want to change that!

A lot of those just like kids in other countries are very fake

surround yourself with dogs and wind, dont worry about accidentally hurting people, i use to and there is no reason for it, if you are living your life the best way you know how and other people re getting hurt then its not your fault its truly theres, every individual person is responsible for their own feelings. you cant be responsible for the way everyone else feels you'll drive your self mad, and if you dont like who you are and want to be someone else then change, and change doesnt start with new clothes or a new house or anything like that, change starts with your perspective. a new perspective on your life and of who you are changes your life, no one can tell you who you are, only you can decide it, and you may keep changing your mind but thats fine because its yours to change, everything is mental i promise you, peace my friend (=

I am the same way. I cant stand hurting someone, even by accident! I love people way to much so I am always hurting cuz ppl don't always feel the same way about me