I'm Hypersensitive

This means I can feel more than most people feel. I am sensitive to everything, noise, violence, lack of empathy, lack of love of people around us, in our society...

I am sensitive in places where there are bad energy, negative atmosphere.

I used to have a hard time with my being sensitive, some people when I was younger joked about it, were even cruel about it, I felt it was a curse.

With time I found out it was my blessing, to feel more, to be so alive, to allow myself to welcome each emotions as deep as they are and to find creative ways to digest them and make something good out of this.

I can cry easily out of joy for others or feeling their pain and I believe it's a gift, to be able to understand and relate and this way I can help and make another one feel better, feel understood and thus less alone in this.

I believe sensitive persons are more deep, interesting, creative and most of the time kinder, they know how it feels, they live on a deeper level this life and they dont take things for granted!

What is important is to still build a strong powerful soul to not let people use your being sensitive to manipulate you, because sensitive does not mean weak at all!

It implies being a real human being!

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Its hard because I feel the same way too.

Wow same here so true across my soul. I thought I and my
are alone

Well that is lovely! I never felt like being sensitive was a "strength" because logically it impedes with the "right" decision making. I feel this conflict between logic and sensitivity constantly that tugs away and away at me. Glad you've figure out how to accept it.

I know, the feeling of being sensitive.... feelings we have is so deep and sometimes even we are not able to understand it.

I can relate to this totally. people will take advantage of the hypersensitive, implying everything is in their imagination. But you know what you feel. I try to make allowances for someone who is, say, fat; I will not make jokes about fat people in front of them, for obvious reasons. yet, people rarely consider my feelings in the same way.<br />
<br />
I was once asked, by a therapist, how I would describe myself as a child. I said I was hypersensitive, to which he replied: yes, I thought as much. I think you have 2 protective la<x>yers less than most people.

I am hypersensitive it has made me very sick. I am better right now. However it is hard to separate my feelings from others. I now try to separate , it is still hard. I too am an artist

I am also sensitive. I had no idea I was and eventually worked it out through the feedback of others. <br />
<br />
After all, we all feel 'normal' don't we? <br />
<br />
As a child it was hard to be different to others, as an adult I realize it is just who I am. I am an artist .

At last people who can understand me... :) Artist - that's the point. Everyone around tries to make me believe that I'm strong and will never be an artist. And are tired of my oversensitivity. But I don't want to change... Being a bit different from the others can be unpleasant sometimes, because in the group no-one likes the ones who distinguish. Thank you for this post and this comment!

I want to thank you for sharing. You are sensitive and strong and that's what we have in common. I think being hypersensitive requires being loved back for just being concerned about things. I pray for those who say we must toughen up. That's unwise to say when we're obviously almost what seems too strong because we feel what's going on in the atmosphere where ever we are. It's ok to care. I was once ask why I care so much. People think I'm EMO or something. I think I need more sensitive friends. Thank you for being a caring person and you're right, we are not weak! I admire your wisdom and how you're able to correct those who think your gift is a curse.

I truley have felt thesame way all my life. This really makes sense to me now.

The saddest thing about being too sensitive for the world is, that the world does not change or adapt as to fit sensitive people. In my opinion, it should.

Don't know how I fit in here. My daughter read an article about hyper sensitivity and said MOM I know who you are now. I read it. I haven't seen the article, but I have always been overly sensitive to silly things - the last 15 minutes of Little House on the Prairie can put tears streaming down my face. I cry a lot - about happy things, sad things, I empathize with so much. People see me as strong (they say) but I feel like I am nothing. I don't know who I am at 57. I can get so depressed I don't want to get out of bed lately (menopause?) and then be bouncing off the walls excited to do something. I have always been the person ppl come to talk to when they need a listener. I tried mental drugs which made me feel dead and I'd rather be totally up & down than not feel anything. Am I in the wrong department here? I feel crazy. But I also feel smart, caring kind loving (& when I date watch out - I am 16 again and totally giddy). Any answers for me? Am I just selfish?

Somos tan sensibles porque no ignoramos cosas que la gran mayoria ignora, eso no es un problema, es la solucion que algunos no ven..<br />
<br />
We are so sensitive because we do not ignore things that the vast majority ignores, that's not a problem, is the solution that some do not see ..<br />
<br />

Honestly Dont ever change.You dont have to 'Toughen up' just be smart when your dealing with others and be sucessful regardless. Please dont change, there are alot of people acting tough, but you. Your rare.

Thanks for writing your story insane you make me feel a little less strange I feel more than others too maybe too much but what I've learned in life is that some people endure some horrible situations in life but yet still go on ? how do I do that I mean leaving my past behind and just focus on my future ? I want to be able to be normal and just move on. You may read my stories and leave any comment you want Bella70

I seem to have this issue where I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings because I know how I would feel if it was done to me. I watch certain movies and even in the most childish of movies in the parts where someone dies close to the main character or something goes wrong where the main character loses something important to them I get teary eyed. When someone at work or something happens at work I try soooo hard no to breakdown I get soo mad at myself because I try to control my feelings and I start getting watery eyed and feel lost for all hope. Is there something wrong with me or am I hyper sensitive. I feel for other people around me and when they are hurting I can feel for them.

God bless you! You have a gift to help others,by being sensitive and able to reach out to others in ways only you can do. My gift is to love in a quit way,people have become peaceful when I enter a room, I also have been told I make them sleep and very relex. My hugs are healing also people have come back to tell me I good they feel. Please continue with your gift.

Sounds like you have it all together.<br />
God Bless<br />

You shared with us the type of person that you are and you truly sound like a beautiful person, inside and out know matter what don't ever change. I am also a very sensitive person as well and I do understand what it is like to be emotional, it has it advantage and disadvantages as well. Especially when you have people who can be less than considerate trying to tell you to change or "toughen" up. <br />
<br />
I feel that every one of us have our on special and unique blend of individuality, why change for someone else and deny ourselves. Know one will be happy then. Always stay true to you I was told numerous times that I needed to change and I actually tried to but then after much misunderstanding and tears, I learn to accept me and for the people that can't oh well.

I love to be sensitive , but some days its extremely painful and its hard to handle it, and its hard for me to connect to people because they do not understand me , and beside that I got in trauma because I felt in love with a beautiful man who didn't care to live me alone , and once he came back a year later to tell me that after sleeping with many women he just rrealized that he was in love with me , He made me feel like the STUPIDEST, NON BRAIN woman of the universe , and I had mix feeling because its true, I am still in love of him, its something that I just can't get rid of it , but he really doesn't care about my feelings , he just cares about HIMSELF, his EGO and his vanity and looking me in love at him , Fkg Narcisit in motorcicle

I don't believe that the last few decades have been good to sensitive people...I am sensitive to the point, that I can see how people feel about me by just watching their body language. It is so hard to be around my daughter in law when she is with her mother. she is constantly looking at her mother sideways, or directly when she thinks I am not looking. It has gotten so bad that I avoid them altogehter when her mother is visiting. which is all the time. there is no pleasure in being with people that you can tell their feelings toward you or a comment you may have made in passing. this world is about being as tough as nails in every way imaginable..jobs, relationships, parenting, health...there are more rude people than ever before. more people who could care less about very important things. The world is getting crueler in case none of you have noticed lately

i have noticed, my sensitivity is suffering and i feel alone in this world... i see that many sensitive ppl exist here at EP but i know none in my real life, only selfish, toxic people who use my sensitivity against me and for their personal energy theft.

Interesting comments... I also believe that being sensitive and having great empathy is a gift but it´s difficult when u haven´t learned yet how to handle it.<br />
As a child I mostly felt week because of it but it also made me brave from the anger I felt when I saw injustices being done for example...<br />
Many people learn to put a tough mask on when they grow up hiding their true feelings deep inside from others and sometimes even themselves.<br />
I had a period when I was like that but the scary thing is I got respect but I felt completely dead inside like my soul was not there anymore.<br />
I see that as a weakness...we are all sensitive people, some just learn how to hide or suppress it...<br />
To be really strong is to risk getting hurt by showing your true feelings in all situations and it is also very giving because u will be surprised how many people give honesty back just because u do....<br />
Thats were I am now... I sometimes meet people though, who want to look down on me as "week" but I just feel sorry for them ....they have a long way to go still....<br />
To develope as a person and grow spiritually u have to both be honest to yourself and others...

I have known I am a Highly Sensitive Person for most of my adult life and finally in my middle age I accept it. I have thought every now and then that it was a gift but I would let someone convince me that I needed to grow a "thicker skin". Finally, I am accepting and grateful for it. I believe it is a gift (although difficult sometimes.)

thanks this story really has helped me!!! you are very lucky to have friends and family that support you!!! my boyfriend is contantly ridiculing me for sensitivity thats why i came to this topic for help and i definitely found it in you story!!! so thanks again!!!! =]

I too, have always been a sensitive person but I never looked at it as a good thing. That's because I feel like people think this is a weakness. I always have empathy for people and care so much about others, that sometimes I forget about myself. I wonder why I don't receive the same empathy and care? When I simply ask for more (especially to my boyfriend), he says he doesn't ask for sympathy or empathy so why should he give it? But I think that everyone is different and everyone has different needs. When I receive these negative comments, I, in turn, become cynical, negative, and cut off from the world, a zombie if you will. It's one extreme to the other. But lately, I feel like I can't do anything right. If I focus on myself, I'm being "selfish", If I care about others, "I need to focus on myself" according to others. I feel like I can't ever please anybody, not even myself. I am also very sensitive to sounds, smells, and moods. Loud sounds especially, make me feel very anxious and stressed out. People laugh or think I'm nagging when I tell them that I'm feeling anxiety. No one (in my personal life) understands me. They just think I should "get a tougher skin".

yes this... why do we attract these unfeeling humans in our lives? i'm struggling with this as well... dealing with toxic people who will push their issues hard onto me but will never support me in mine. i'm losing hope.

it is so hard isnt it to feel everybodys pain and to cry so easily and be called a wimp and stupid,i used to think that maybe i was born without the outer skin that other people have but i have with time come to understand that the more spiritual you are the more sensitive you are to everything,so although it can be so very hard try to remember it is because you are evolved more spiritually than those that ridicule you and that you are a loving empathetic spirit,i bet people dont laugh when you are there for them and listen to their problems do they,just remember there are lots of us in the world and keep strong

.....All i could keep thinking about while reading this was the ex<x>pression "real men dont cry" and "tears are weakness leaving the body" (i grew up in a military home)....excuse me for my profanity (i feel really strongly about this) but that is such f***In bulls**t ........ growing up i remember my dad would say that to me all the time when i was hurting. I realize more and more how this crippled me for a long time and im still trying to work through some of the issues that all created. Anytime i was hurt by someone i would just stuff the pain inside and focus on something other then how i was feeling.....Over the years this became, and still is, a big problem i've struggled with. I had become so removed from "me" on the inside and had a hard time understanding how i was feeling and eventually this started to destroy me from the inside out....I realize today (some days are better then others) that we were created this way for a reason. Im trying to let myself feel things today. the good and bad feelings.... It shows me that im alive inside....As im learning to connect with my feelings im able to connect with others feelings too. Empathy is an AMAZING thing and i really believe its what sets us apart from animals. Im able to cry openly today. Everytime i see "the Notebook" (no matter how many times ive watched it), everytime i hear Whiskey Lullaby by B.Paisley, even at times when i play a few chords on my acoustic i can feel things stirring inside. I dont always like my feelings when i or someone else is hurting but im learning to embrace them slowly over time......................thank you very much for your post

This is a fantastic entry- I enjoyed reading it and each of the comments posted in response, there isn't much I can say that isn't already said in where I feel terrible weak some days and empowered others and that the world has but no tolerance for us. <br />
<br />
Only by being so adversely affected by others actions, thoughts and intentions can we teach them the follies of such creations of negative energy which can do harm.<br />
<br />
Therefore it seems that we are here for a reason as we are more in tune with the planet and its evironment, well-being of its inhabitants included and like every race we do have to evolve at some point and by accepting emotional sensitivity for one thing can help us to transcend and leave behind the savage life of competition and things being accomplished with brute force and closed minds alone.<br />
<br />
This at least gives me the inspiration to keep going, accept who I am and love myself and others for it. We're ''odd'' for a reason, the ones who criticise us only learn from things that stick out in society like a sore thumb which of course is sad and hey...did things just change there? now we feel sorry for those people because they dont understand us rather than feeling angry or sad at their hurtful words and actions.<br />
<br />
Hope this helps with those feeling sad as this was in the same story circle of depression and I can see why.

I am also hyper sensitive and I find it a challenge because I feel like I am constantly getting hurt and abused and it causes me to be very angry at times.

same here, i know this feeling... sorry you go through this as well. :(

i must admit i need alot of time to myself aswell because when i come into contact with rude aggressive people i myself start to feel aggressive and a whole lot of emotions come into play because of what another may be saying to me or i am just sensing negative emotions from someone that is normally aggressive. I dont like angry people and i dont like being angry myself. i like myself that i am sensitive because id hate to be coming arcross as rude and aggressive.

Hi. I am new to this so im just taking my time to figure it all out. Ive read through some of whats been posted here and its all been beautifully written. I think sensitive people are great and i myself am very sensitive to a degree and it certainly makes people i come in to contact with look rude impatient and aggressive. Intuition tells me that they are exactly like this but i also think why are they like this and maybe they think that being that way is normal and most of the population comes across this way. i also think that we get told we are to sensitive because they are rude and aggressive and cant weigh up the impact of their own behaviour on another human being. Sensitive people must make these people look like that because we are so cool calm and stop and think before we speak etc to make sure we are not hurting another person.

I am the same way which is why I need a lot of down time and relaxation time.

I am the same way which is why I need a lot of down time and relaxation time.

I want to be more like you....

sometimes , i feel i'm sentive , sometimes ,i'm not. hard to understand ,isn't?

Being sensitive is OK, but being OVER sensitive, some times you must misinterpret how people act to you. If any time you feel hurted by some, I want to recommend you the book "the four agreements" where they help you, undertanding that you dont have to take it personally, when people do o say things to you. Sometimes we dont like the action, and we say it...but its the action that you dont like, is not the person. My partner was oversensitive and thought all I said and thought was against him,, when it was NOT.. I loved him....but he always tooked that personal. I am sensitive also, but never take anythng personal

I do like your outlook on it all, as so does everyone else who has read this, it seems :).<br />
<br />
I think I have had moments where I can look at things in that vision of hope, acceptance, and realization of own self worth. However, in a world (esp. my world) where there is constant carelessness, pettiness, selfishness and lack of individuality and empathy, it is very easy to succumb to the feeling of doubt, hopelessness, and self-criticism.<br />
What makes it entirely worse is when people of whom you have trusted to understand or, at least, accept you end up telling you that you are too much of 'this' and 'that'. I most definitely am a sensitive artist and I find it hard to relate to anyone these days and almost do not trust anyone (including family and friends) for fear of the same outcome... <br />
<br />
I find people so aesthetic when they do not have their senses working within them. It truly bothers me. People would much rather have (always) happy, funny, innocent, un-pained people around than people who are real and have depth (capable of having happiness and a sense of humor, but are also full of many senses -- including anger, sadness, bitterness, hopelessness...)<br />
<br />
I guess I am just a magnet to the wrong sorts of people thus far. I hope this will change... I must have hope to survive.<br />
<br />
"cynism was on my side when I was very depressed and hopeless about this world, but even if I am aware of all the massacre we do down here and in the universe, I am still believing in this humanity."<br />
<br />
How did you get through this? I have had that hopelessness and depression since I was in my very early teens. But it has only gotten worse, overall.<br />
<br />
And as for being weak versus sensitive, they do get mixed up far too much. People seem to continually take advantage of my genuine kind heart and sensitivity...<br />
I don't know how to get the impression of being weak away without seeming cold or not being myself. Any advice?<br />
<br />
Thanks again for the story. You talk beautifully.

i suffer with this too, a lot. if i wazn't so sensitive and caring so much about having people in my life i would have ditched these mean folks by now. i can't though, some are family. :(

Yeah, dealing with certain family members can be different than dealing with the same sort of personalities of friends and the like. I think it is a wise idea to find a balance between understanding and enabling people, though, whether it be family or not. One can still be assertive and have self-respect without being malignant or aggressive. The other people may not agree with your choices, but if they truly love you, they will still accept and love you. If they do not, try to stand confident in who you are (not arrogant or prideful though, of course, because then one does not learn), regardless of their opinions. Sometimes you must detach from others (including family) to a certain degree, simply for your own well-being. You can still love and help them, but from a respective distance. I hope your family situation gets better.

Thank you for sharing you story. I am too sensitive, I am most sensitive to positive and negative energy from others and dangerous situations and dangerous people..

thanks, i think that was a really awesome post. I'm truly inspired by you because i know it isn't easy at all to manage all those emotions and feelings and make the best out of it. easier than it seems so -claps- i was just feeling a moment ago, how unfair this is 'cause it hurts when you realise people actually don't care and it makes me feel alone. But I'm really glad i'm here and i guess i should never forget that there are many hypersensitive people out there as well and someone here who is able to make the best out of it. thanks for the inspiration, God bless :)

beautifulflowers, I too have been told I am too sensitive. That is our makeup I do believe. I try very hard not to take what people tell me in a hurtful way. It is difficult at times, and I have lost a friend due to it. But I truly do not believe she was a friend if she could not understand. Everyone is sensitive in different degrees.

I'm also very sensitive. I was researching one day and believe I am an "Empath". Empaths are sensitive to their environments, peoples vibes/energy etc. Maybe you're one too. I'm also very sensitive to violence, noise, bright lights, negativity, etc. It definitely is a gift you just learn how to use it w/o it using you. I sometimes get overwhelmed when I feel to many negative vibes at once in a negative environment.

I too am very sensitive. I can walk into a room and tell when there is someone hurting, even if it is a crowded room and if I am there for a while, usually I can see who it is, even through the smiles. I have made friends this way because it is a gift, and I consider it given to me to be able to help others. I always knew when my Dad was having problems even when he lived in another state and could not see him. I would call and ask mom what was going on. She was amazed that I would know. At one time I asked God to take the gift from me. He did/ I went for years without it. Then the day came that I felt maybe I was wrong to have asked that. So when I prayed I asked that if it was something He wanted me to have to let me accept it again. I have had it back since that prayer..

Im sensitive too but in a different way. I get very annoyed and disturbed with any form of noise. I cant stand around loud people, loud tv's hi-fi systems, i hate having to speak loudly too.. I dislike bright lights and i mostly just use the lampshade. Ideally i'd love to live in a very quite place it would help alleviate alot of my stress.

My goal is to be as sensitive as possible and handle it, <br />
to keep the sensitivity I ahd as a child and develop it further.<br />
<br />
Its typical that unsensitive people tell you to be like them when things gets tough to handle because you strongly feel the bad things while they happen<br />
<br />
Its the same people that envy you the good times and ectatic moments cause a high sensitivity is needed to discover love and the beauty in all sorts of moments.<br />
<br />
Everything has at least two sides to it.<br />
<br />
It takes skills to handle all information and emotions supersensitivity gives us.<br />
<br />
Its good to be able to treat people right based on sensing how someone are feeling.<br />
<br />
Like you said, It implies being a real human being.<br />
<br />
Im happy to be able to discover and experience so strongly and so much because of my sensitivity.<br />
<br />
I probably feel,see and experience more in a week than some people do in a year.<br />
<br />
Basicly I just want to say that your post is apriciated by me and many other <br />
qualified ( read sensitive) people.<br />
<br />
Thanks for your post

Thank you for sharing your story, I am currently living with my parents of which I love dearly but do not understand my sensitivity, which is why I left over 20 years ago, now I am back due to job loss and realize nothing has changed so it is time for me to move on, I am currently very depressed but in a way it has made me stronger for I know that I will live on my own again hopefully soon, again Thank You for Sharing

I, too, believe that sensitivity is a gift. Except on those days when it feels like a curse. lol

thank you for your comment :) In the past I wish I had thicker skin, but with time I believe I find a good balance between my strength and my being fragile and hyper sensitive.<br />
I deal with it with acceptance of who I am.<br />
<br />
I believe us hyper sensitive being have this ability to feel more and thus we have a lot to express so we use creativity as a power of ex<x>pression to reach out, to touch, to inspire and to make this world somewhat of a better place, anyways it's better to keep trying and believing than ending up a total empty shell cynic.<br />
<br />
I have also had numb phases in my life and it was awful, not to love, not to feel, I used to protect myself somehow but it was not the solution for if you prevent yourself from feeling, or suffering you just prevent yourself from living the life the way it is, with its wonders and hells.<br />
<br />
take care!

Great entry! This is very inspiring to me. I'm hyper-sensitive myself, I get easily over-whelmed by multiple things. Sometimes I wished I had thicker skin, but like you said, it makes me feel more alive sometimes.<br />
<br />
Really, thank you for the post. It's great to see someone with a similar experience. :)

well Jophiel was the name of an Archangel wasn't it?<br />
I wonder why you chose that name with such a comment.<br />
I have never been told to toughen up, I am sorry if you've been told this yourself.<br />
<br />
Most people in my life, my family, my husband ,my friends accept me just as I am.<br />
<br />
like I said above my soul is powerful and strong, so I am totally unafraid, I have accepted my higher sensitivity as a blessings and a way to understand others.<br />
<br />
Of course sometimes it can be heavy on my shoulder but these things came to you, you don't really choose, it's just the way you are. can you change your true nature?<br />
what for? to please others? to deny yourself? that would be oh so sad!<br />
<br />
cynism was on my side when I was very depressed and hopeless about this world, but even if I am aware of all the massacre we do down here and in the universe, I am still believing in this humanity.<br />
<br />
Empathy is a gift and one of the first way to be a complete human being, to be able to feel for others in a world of more and more careless people who only think about their car or next cellphone with more **** inside it, wow the world of possibilities!<br />
<br />
I am aware of the violence and ugliness of a part of this world, I keep looking where there is still Love, beauty and things to learn, I think despair is the first gate to depression and being stuck, I want to LIVE and to Love!<br />
<br />
like I said above, Sensitive does not mean Weak at all, on the contrary, when you accept who you are, you are freer!<br />
so your comment is strange, because it seems you haven't read carefully what I was saying here.<br />
<br />
wash your bitterness and take care of yourself!

yet how many times are you told to toughen up...it's a rough world you are taken advantage and empathy for others is just trouble for yourself. sorry to sound cynical but that's life and you just have to become stronger. there is no alternative.

While that's true it also true that it is okay to be sensitive. I am just like this woman as far as sensitivity, and honestly I see how it can be both a gift and a curse, but empathy for other that saves more lives than you can imagine.