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I Am Sooo Sensitive

I'm not egoistic, I'm sensitive.  When I overhear people talking, I often think they are talking about me.  I don't think this because I think I am great or because I warrant being talked about.  It is simply because I fear and sense that I am the topic of conversation.  Unfortunately, on more than several occasions, I have discovered I am right!  What can I do to be less sensitive?

CatalinaVanilla CatalinaVanilla 26-30, F 7 Responses Oct 11, 2009

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Then mabe you need new friens, people that are sensitive to your needs.

you're right, and that's why I am here!

I'll tak you up on the offer to be a friend

Thanks VoiceofBerks, you make a good point. I wish my friends were more sensitive, frankly.

You should do absolutely nothing. Those "friends" of yours are not truly your friends if they are gossiping about you and jusging you. It doesn't matter what they think because they don't live in your body and don't know what you feel or why you feel it. Being sensitive is not a bad thing. It means you have a heart, and empathy for yourself and others.

Read the book "the four agreements" you can find it online for free. Good Luck!

Wow, I feel the same way. I too have found out that I was right. I am struggling with this too. Wondering how to deal with this.

Thank you Adam. You're right, it's so simple! Thinking about the nice comments helps a lot. I just have to remember to think of them right away LOL. Thank you!<br />

That is exactly how I feel! I worry about people gossiping about me all the time. Don't feel bad about being sensitive. There are lots of people who feel the way you do [including me]. Something that helps me is just to think about the nice people you have met and not the ones that have hurt you. I hope this helps and God bless you!