I'm Very Sensitive

I'm a really sensitive kind of person. And to be completely honest I really don't like it too much. I've noticed that just about everything can make me emotional. No I'm not emo. I've always been like this. I cry, get upset, get mad, scream very easily. It's really not too hard to set me off. I'm sensitive when it comes to other people's feelings. Sometimes. But I have a strong sense of empathy and sympathy. I can understand people's feelings without really knwoing why they're upset. That's one reason why be sensitive is a good thing. I'm able to feel for people a lot easier than others.

But I guess sometimes I'm hard to deal with. And I hate that. Sometimes I want to tell people to watch what they say around me. But, I know that would be rude so I don't. I would hate to do that to someone. So I just sit and listen.

It makes me feel really silly to say this kind of stuff. But I just had to get it out.

I'd like to hear how other people feel. So comment :]

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I am a highly sensitive person, which to me sometimes means i'm caught off guard by things people say. I often feel that i misjudge joking and teasing, i am quite an earnest person and serious when i am more anxious which colors everything and then jokier when i am happy and content.

Its hard for me to imagine what it must be like to not be sensitive but many times i wished i was less than i am.

Believe it or not, and want to add I'm new here, Im sensitive too but because of my job and size, I intimidate people, and it's hard to share my feelilngs...appreciate what you wrote, sensitivity touches me...big guy or not, that really is me but Im on the quieter side of the spectrum, and love women who show their feelings a lot, and that are opposite of me..

It's not always a good thing. Sometimes both conflit with one another and I feel how other people feel, but at the same time I don't want to care for them or how they feel. That's when I am tired and in need of rest.

Wow so you got both sides. That's pretty cool :D<br />
Yeah that's exactly how I am. I can sense other people's emotions without them telling me what's wrong. My friends call it my 6th sense. <br />
You're lucky that you're able to shut yourself down though. I've never been able to do that. I'm always aware of how everyone else is feeling.

Oddly enough my father is sociopathic and my mother is Empathic, so I'm kind of half and half. I feel other people's pain and know how they are feeling, even when they do not tel me r express it. But when I do not feel like feeling anything, or am too tired to talk to people, I just kind of 'switch' perspectives and just shut down myself, blocking everyone out.

Hmmm I actually never thought of it that way. <br />
Thanks for telling me about that. I'm going to research it :D<br />
And thank you. I guess it is a gift.

Perhaps you are an "Empath"?<br />
<br />
Some people read minds...some are extra sensitive to moods and emotions and often find themselves responding from that center...perhaps you also take on others feelings and channel those as your ex<x>pression of sensitivity...<br />
<br />
You have a very sensitive soul...thats a gift...protect it and keep it strong.<br />
<br />
just thoughts