As we all know we are all sensitive and it is in every person, but it comes in different levels depends each person how much he/she her body reacts to a case.

I would like to share my story of where sensitive part became a major issue in my life.

How this happened? each one of us fall in issues and problems, sometimes problems you face does not fall in the right time or age basically you are not capable much in controlling it. thus you feel you are holding 10 apples in one hand, and you end up fighting alone to get rid of the case you are in. baring in mind no matter how strong you are sometimes the body becomes so sensitive to a point that cannot handle issues anymore.

 Second stage goes the body start fighting to get rid of any issue which you are trying to solve out, and here where tension starts and basically vitamins goes out of the body and immune system starts going down and  to a point that your body will reject any place you are not feeling comfortable in and gives you a sign of pain as body is not anymore strong.

Basically it ended up with some treatments to get rid of the case to make the body stronger to effect positively with any case i face :)

 Have a good day..

joyceghorayeb joyceghorayeb
26-30, F
Feb 7, 2010