It Was Horrible

coming home from dinner husband and i decided to stop quick at my folk's farm . They live out in the country; it was dark.  I heard a series of horrible thumps. I looked at ----  he was SO upset.I had no idea what had happened; my husband never gets excited. He is so controlled he is a typical pilot personality, i had NEVER seen him like this, I thought we hit a person, I really did. My heart sunk. Finally (it seems anyway) he says I hit a dog. First I felt relief, then we went back. Omg, she was paralyzed like midway down, blood coming out of her mouth and nose and still trying to lift her sweet puppy face .It was horrible the cops were great considering the remote area we were in they got there pretty fast.  When she started to gush blood I knew there was no hope my poor husband says "come on girl get up' (she was trying.)   Well we left they put her out of this tortur.,  The worst part is we are quite certain she had just been dropped  off like minutes before we hit her.  Husband had seen car lights stopped, then they went past us.,she had no collar. people do this routinely when puppy isn't fun anymore or god forbid  money is so tight they take animals out in the country and  drop them off.  We never go home this way, very rarely.   In June we changed our route home  after dinner; I think he wanted to go by some fishing pond., Out of nowhere, this deer flew on top of our windshield. Both times we (he) made a conscious   rare decision to change the route home, both times we killed. 

springinmeadow springinmeadow
46-50, F
Feb 11, 2010