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When I see people gettng hurt like on America's Funnies Home Videos...I never laugh and often turn away! When I hear smarmy clipped remarks like on Judge Judy I am in shock that she speaks that way!  If I catch a loving scene on a program or eyes well up.  I hate this!  Often I catch undercurrents from those that speak more with this method then with words and they are like "wtf" if i respond to them...then do a sidewards scowl when others look away at me.  My doc says i have post traumatic stress symdrome and to walk it off.  then I will not respond so strongly to people and events.  Are you like this too?  Are there others like me?  Oh big bearlike men's voices with strong clipped accents scare the hell outta you?  Like a brusk chicago accent or a boston one or like german one?  prolly just a me thing....

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Cable news makes me cringe.

yeh i found that too. my doc told me that it helps with stress lvls. he was gonna put me on meds if i did not exercise to alleviate anxiety/stress. helps me squelch things more

i have post traumatic stress too. Yes I cringe when people get hurt on AFV. But some of the other tuff is comical but people getting hurt is not. I get weepy when those Hallmark commercials come on especially at Christmas. I cry at lifetime channel. So what. I have a tender heart. Was hurt horribly as a child - did that make me (us) this way? I wish I knew. I do find myself apologizing for it though and I don't like that. I was having a conversation with a girlfriend at the mall and the topic was how happy she and her bfriend were and I was so happy for her I teared up. How embarrassing!!!! I couldn't stop myself. I think more exercise is the key here,. not sure why. I just do.

I totally agree with you....I don't have a TV any more...there is so much yukky stuff on there...I don't enjoy being upset...I don't think rudeness, hatefulness, violence and all the other ob<x>jectionable stuff is entertaining...I get the news on the internet...and almost every time I watch it--I cry.

thanks, thought i was just wierd b/c those shows are so popular!

I can't stand videos where people get hurt. I can't watch them. I also cry when I watch a beautiful or sad movie. I love animals. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I am always being told that I am sensitive. That's fine with me, it's the way I am. I'd rather be sensitive than someone who has no empathy for others or who is just mean. You are fine the way you are, it is good to know there are people like you who care about something other than themselves.