Prong To Others Feeling

I feel I am a very sensitive person because of my should I say gife/or curse of picking up on others feelsing, even when they are miles away, any one that I know or have gotten close to, especially the romatic side. It happens at anytime, I get these feelings of sadness and previously I was in a perfectly good mood and had no reason to have those kinds of feelings.

1roseofsharon 1roseofsharon
46-50, F
2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

I totally agree, and the bad part like you said is how to control not taking on others negativity. Still in the learning stage.

Its like empathy isnt it? I have been stood at a bus stop before, and seen a person and felt everything they are feeling, leaving me feeling as they do. Its a gift and a curse. Its why (for me) I have met some really f**ked up men and suffered at the hands of their behaviour. I wish i could turn it off sometimes. I remember years ago i was dating a lovely guy, everything was great we were going steady. Then one morning he text me, saying the usual stuff, love you, hope your day is good etc. But I got such a BAD feeling from it, just a feeling. Then the relationship went down hill, i knew something was wrong, in the end he finished it. I look back and see the exact moment his feelings changed, the day he sent the normal text. I seem to 'feel' things that are unspoken, and most of the time I should listen to my learning as i get older ;-)