I am a very, very, VERY sensitive girl.

I can cry at the drop of a hat, whether it's necessary or not.

I get my hopes up too high, and then, when they don't happen, I'm beyond crushed.

I'm very moody and very sensitive.

It doesn't take a lot to make me happy, but it doesn't take a lot to take me down.

And, sappy movies? FORGET IT.  I'll bawl for hours and hours.

But, chocolate makes it better. :o)

Truli Truli
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Thank God for chocolate.

Don't worry about it too much. I too am very sensitive but have managed to understand the way things are. I would rather be like we are because you get involved in a book, a movie or a friend that wants to share. You are open to all the good things in life as well as the bad. The sun . nature and love. Find an outlet like poetry , music or painting . <br />
<br />
You can eat chocolate(I like white )at the same time