Sensitive Pisces

im a pisces, and we're the most sensitive of all the signs.

if someone angry is around us, we will pick up on it and sometimes even become angry ourselves without realising it! same with sad people or sick people or happy people..we can feel their emotions so strongly that they feel like our own sometimes! its rather exhausting... we're very psychically sensitive

our feelings are hurt quite easily as well.. :/   some of us cry alot... (i personally hate crying infront of people so over the years have learned to bottle retrospect this wasnt the best idea)

i dont like to be around violence, especiallt if i know the person or people. my nerves get shot very easily, like when theres yelling and fighting, if someone startles me really bad and or hurts me accidentally at the same time (like if someone threw the ball to me really hard in gym and it catches me off guard and hits me in the face) ill cry...i hated school (espsecially gym) *rolls eyes*

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18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I feel the same way, only I'm a Scorpio (wonder how sensitive Scorpios are).

I feel almost the exact same.